What does a professional carpet cleaning say about my home?

Your floor is an important part of your home. When visitors come over, the comfort of their visit can depend on how clean your floor is. If stains have taken over your floor, there is no better time than now to have them professionally removed. Our DeepClean professional will use our top of the line cleaning products to remove dirt, stains and deodorise and remove other allergens to bring your carpet back to perfect health. With a professional carpet clean your guests will feel welcome and at ease when visiting.

What are the benefits of having a clean carpet?

Has your carpet lost its beauty? Once a stain stakes claim to your carpet, it becomes an ugly site to look at. Embarrassment will set in if a stain or soiled area continues to live in your carpet. However, with the help of Deep Clean, our professional will rid your carpet of the embarrassing stain and bring the beauty of your carpet back. Besides making your carpet a beauty of health again, some of the benefits of having a professionally cleaned carpet are:

• Improved Airflow – If dirt lives in your carpet, the airflow in your home can be impeded by it. The rooms in your house can bring the feeling of stuffiness if the dirt is ignored, leaving you with a feeling of unpleasantness.

• Better Health – With carpet being known for collecting allergens and bacteria, having a clean carpet will give you better health when breathing.

• Better Look and Feel – Your home will look and feel more welcoming once your carpet is cleaned. You and your family will be able to enjoy your time in the carpeted common areas of your home without dust mites clogging the air.

• Investment in Your Home Will Improve – If you are planning on selling your home, it is wise to invest in professionally having your carpet cleaned. A clean carpet will encourage the future new homeowner to jump on the sell of your home.

How can DeepClean help with cleaning my carpet perfectly?

A clean carpet not only welcomes your visitors, it shows that you care about the well being of your family and pets. With the help of our DeepClean experts, your carpet will be restored to greatness. If your home sees a lot of traffic from guests and family pets, it is recommended you clean your carpet every 12 – 18 months. Once our cleaning professional cleans your carpet by using the hot water extraction method, you will have the peace of mind you have longed for.  However, along with eliminating the dirt that has corroded your carpet, our  Cleaning method will also:

• Eliminate dust mites, allergens

• Remove trapped-in soil

• Reduce the spread of germs

• Remove Spots and Stains

• Reduce the effects of wear

• Restore a clean appearance

• Extend the life of the carpets

• Protect your investment

What happens if I avoid cleaning my carpet?

Keeping your carpet clean can be a struggle in your home with all of the traffic passing through your carpeted common areas. From children passing through after playing outside to animals bringing in dirt on their paws, your carpet is at risk of capturing dirt that will live in it for long periods of time. If you have avoided cleaning it your carpet will only continue to get worse overtime. With the feeling of being clogged up with unclean breathing air comes other issues from having an unclean carpet.

• Worn Down Fibers – Once dirt builds up in your carpet, the fibers in it become matted and worn down. If your fibers become worn down your carpet can look old and feel rough regardless of the patting underneath it. The dirt and dust in your carpet can also begin tearing away at the fibers in it if it is not cleaned.

• Health Problems – A wide range of health issues can occur from built up contaminants in your carpet if it is left unclean. These health issues can mainly affect children and the elderly.

• Bad Smell – The longer your carpet is left unclean the more it will start to smell.